Jhal Muri Express

Jhal Muri

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan

About Jhal Muri Express

Jhal Muri: the great leveller and the snack supreme. A Kolkata classic with a base of roasted rice, mixed with peanut, sev noodles, chana dai, coconut, cucumber, tomato, ginger, coriander, tamarind sauce and special masalas. Incredibly simple to make but devilishly, devilishly difficult to perfect. Angus, the eccentric mind behind Jhal Muri, has come as close as any.

He spends months a year over in Kolkata to help him refine his jhal muri and the result is the most authentic street food you could ever hope to eat.

Each cone full of the jhal muri is a crunchy, tangy, fresh, flavoursome arrangement of mind opening nutritious goodness and, on top of it, completely wheat-free, vegan and accessible to all.

The Jhal Muri Express, is so much more than just the food. The snacks are served from a basket-topped pushcart, decked out in garlands, authentic Bengali signage, fairy lights and to be honest, it’s about the most attention-grabbing party piece you could ever hope to book. Get Angus along to your event right here!

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Jhal Muri menu

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  • Vegetarian 
  • Vegan 

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    5 hours

Other info from the supplier

Jhal Muri Express serve out of a 2m x 3m market stall

Estimated set-up time 2 hours