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About Kroket

Kroket specialise in french style croquettes, house-made pickles, mayos and flavoured salts. They offer full meals and snack options as well as a sharing box so whether you're looking for a feast for one or nibbles for twenty, they have got you covered. 

They serve croquettes like you've never had them before! They have a base of pure béchamel sauce giving you the creamiest, ooziest, cheesiest croquette out there. Paired with a pickle or two, it's a marriage made in heaven. 

Think raclette cheese and cornichons, sausage and sauerkraut, pork belly and kimchi. Kroket is a new take on the classic and irresistible combination of acid and fat. Their croquettes are particularly good washed down with a fruity pale ale or a pickle-back (homemade of course!). And for the soft drinkers, try kombucha for another level of fermented fun. You can book them for your event right here!

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