Longflint Drinks Co.

Craft Cocktails

About Longflint Drinks Co.

If you’re looking to serve a range of modern cocktails made with London’s finest craft spirits at your next event, Longflint might just be your perfect solution!

They’ve taken the ethos of craft beer (where they learnt their trade), applied it to a range of wonderfully balanced cocktails, and placed them into long glass bottles with beautiful labels. All of which allows them to serve 720 crowd pleasing drinks an hour to your guests!

From their Spanish inspired Hibiscus Flower, Gin Tonic made with East London Liquor Gin to the smoky and complex Grapefruit Mezcal Paloma using cold pressed grapefruit from New Covent Garden and Mezcal from QuiQuiRiQui in Hackney (via Oaxaca!), they're madly in love with their range and hope your party goers will love them too! See if they are available to come to your event right here on Feast It.

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  • Bespoke service
  • Dedicated account manager
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  • Monthly payment plans
  • Total financial security
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Longflint Drinks Co. serve from a 3m x 3m Pop-Up Bar

Estimated set-up time is 1 hour