Los Churros Amigos

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About the company

Los Churros Amigos was inspired by one man’s first taste of happiness at a Christmas market in 2012. Waiting (always waiting!) for his wife to turn up, he was drawn in by some odd looking doughy tentacles and decided to fill his belly. The moment that deep-fried, doughnuty octopus leg of joy hit his lips, he saw his future!

A taste and feeling was etched into his head there and then. He realised everyone needed to experience that same weird/amazing feeling and he would not stop until he had spread the churros love to everyone in the country!

The perfect mix between traditional Spanish heritage and the British sweet tooth, the amazing Hugo Tracey’s (the man referred to above) churros are freshly made in front of you, with organic flour and completely vegan ingredients (excluding the choc). It’s all served alongside a dreamy pot of melted Belgian chocolate sauce.

They’ve been spreading the churros love at 100's of events from Glastonbury to Wembley, Twickenham to Goodwood, Bestival to Twitter HQ in Soho and you can book them for yours right here!

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  • Nut Free 

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    5 hours

Other info from the supplier

Los Churros Amigos serve from a 3x6m Gazebo

Estimated set-up time 1 hour