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About the company

Extreme provenance is at the heart of Mac & Wild’s service. They can tell you exactly where the food comes from. They will name the farm, farmer and breed of their beef. They name the breed of venison, the estate it comes from and they can even go as far as naming the hunter!

Andy, the founder, comes from a family of game butchers in the North Highlands and really cares about the ingredients that Mac & Wild use. All of the meat and fish comes from Scotland and they have a personal connection with primary producers.

Cocktails, venison, beef, lamb, shellfish and haggis are at the core of their offering. Simplicity usually does the trick but a little theatre goes a long way! Whilst they are a steak and burger operation predominantly, they also have some absolutely banging vegan offerings!

They started out as a butcher stall at Broadway Market in 2010 before getting into street food. They then started hosting pop-up restaurants before opening their first restaurant in 2015. They now have two London sites and restaurant back home in the Highlands, so you will be in extremely good hands by booking them for your event!

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Other info from the supplier

Mac & Wild serve from a 10m x 2.6m food truck

Estimated set-up time is 3 hours