MiaMel Crêpes


  • Halal
  • Vegetarian

About the company

Catering company and trader that specialises in French Crêpes. MiaMel Crêpes caters for a wide variety of clients from house parties to special events, festivals and at London's trendiest markets. You can find them at Portobello for a tasteful journey every weekend, Bloomsbury at Torrington Square and Wimbledon

MiaMel’s delicacies are made with love, with the freshest ingredients and elegance. They create savoury recipes as well as desserts that are pleasing to the most refined palates. They can also create specific menus for your special occasions and events.

Invite your guests and they will take care of the rest. MiaMel values healthy holistic living and therefore also provides organic products and recipes. If you’d like delicious sweet and savoury crêpes to be served at your next event, from a seriously cool food truck, then book them here on Feast It!

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  • Halal 
  • Vegetarian 

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  • Maximum working hours

    5 hours

Other info from the supplier

MiaMel Crepes serve from a 5m x 2m food truck

Estimated set-up time is 45 minutes