Percy Plings

Fried Dumpling Desserts

  • Dairy Free

About Percy Plings

In the early days a young Rocky, given the nickname Percy by his Jamaican great uncle, had an obsession with what he then called ‘kudding’.

His mother tells him when he was no more than 3 years old, she would be feeding Rocky’s siblings their lunch and he would hop around, simply refusing to accept anything other than this ‘kudding’. This desire for desserts has never deserted Rocky, leading him to try and perfect the art of pudding through setting up the amazing Percy Plings!

Through trial and error he has perfected his desserts into something that simply cannot fail to blow you away! The freshly fried dumpling doughnuts are dipped in cinnamon and icing sugar, topped with Nutella and Whipped Cream and come with a choice of sauces and toppings to choose from. You can book them for your event, whether that be a wedding, office party or anything else, right here!

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  • Dairy Free 

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Other info from the supplier

Percy Plings serve from a 3x3m Gazebo

Estimated set-up time 1 hour