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About the company

Poptails by LAPP was born during Spring 2016. The team started out in London and now are the very first brand of gourmet-cocktail-sorbets that is now available in France and the UK! They have now worked with amazing brands including Guess, Kenso, Hunter and Trustpilot, so they definitely know what they're doing.

The idea came from Cécilia & Laura, the two co-founders of LAPP who met at university in Paris. LAPP have a strong identity throughout its high-quality products, the Poptails are the perfect combination of a fruit sorbets freshness and a cocktails guilty pleasure.

The team's attention to the exquisite blend of flavours and trendy packaging of the products really embodies what they are about. All of their products are always ‘as tasty as they are beautiful’. They wanted to offer a non-guilty pleasure to their customers. They always use fresh fruit, natural ingredients, recyclable packaging and all the Poptails are gluten-free, vegan and completely fat-free!

LAPP Poptails include five alcoholic flavours such as Strawberry Mojito (it’s seriously delicious!) and then two non-alcoholic organic flavours such as their Passion Poptail so there is something for everyone to enjoy! If you’d like to serve your guests an ice-cold refreshing Poptail at your next event, whether that’s a wedding, birthday, office party or festival, book Poptails by LAPP here on Feast It!

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Other info from the supplier

Poptails by LAPP serve from a 3m x 3m market stall and freezer

Estimated set-up time is 30 minutes