Posh Pitchers

Pimm's & Prosecco

About the company

Primarily a Pimm's and Prosecco bar served from a converted 1967 Citroen HY van, Posh Pitchers are a mobile bar that stock all the different flavours of Pimm's and the latest Cider Cups and they are available for all kinds of events!

If it’s too cold for Pimm's they are happy to serve Winter Pimm's that is made with warm apple juice - a perfect alternative to mulled wine. Want a cocktail bar instead? No problem. They can tailor their offering to your needs for events, so whatever it is that you have in mind for your next occasion - Posh Pitchers can certainly help!

The Posh Pitchers van itself would be a seriously cool addition to any event that you might be having, so see if they are available and they can help make your event a very memorable occasion!

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Other info from the supplier

Posh Pitchers serve from a 6m x 3m Drinks Truck

Estimated set-up time is 1 hour