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Sicilian Donkey is a mobile catering service that brings a taste of Sicily to the UK.  The team work at events and markets selling artisan Sicilian street foods from their awesome  pink and black market stall.

They believe that Sicilian food has a lot going for it, and we couldn't agree more. They have dishes such as their delicious Arancini or 'little oranges' as known in Sicily. The Sicilian arancino is a savoury speciality, they use risotto to make a ball and they stuff them with a beef ragu with cheese. The ball is breadcrumbed and deep-fried giving you a delicious and oozy ball of goodness. They can also serve freshly made pasta!

These guys can set-up just about anywhere and are sure to wow guests at just about any kind of event. If you like the look of them then book them here for your event!

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