Squid Inc.

Calamari & Calamari Burgers

  • Halal

About the company

Megan has a passion for simple, fresh, tasty food. Joe has a passion for deep fried calamari. Together, they run Squid Inc. Serving crispy, salt and pepper calamari and their infamous calamari burger ‘Squid With A Lid’.

Based in East London, all their squid is sourced locally from Billingsgate Market; and whilst they already serve one of the most sustainable fish in the sea, they are committed to sustainability and even help raise money for Plastic Oceans UK, with their market-sold merchandise.

So if you love calamari as much as they do - look no further with Squid Inc. Available for your private party, wedding or event, and always interested in collaborating with new design ideas, to create a really memorable experience. Book them for your event here on Feast It!

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Other info from the supplier

Squid Inc. serve from a 3m x 3m market stall

Estimated set-up time is 1.5 hours