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About the company

Born out of a shared love of Sri Lankan cuisine, Sri-Licious is the creation of close friends Mary and Callie. Specialist street food dishes prepared lovingly from scratch and a few extra special dishes too!

They trade directly from their seriously cool van, through their serving hatch which can be totally self-sufficient. Their signature dish is the Sri Lankan street food staple of Kottu ('chopped' in Tamil), which they make with handmade roti bread that gets chopped up and coated in spices as it cooks on the griddle with fresh vegetables - it’s a must try!

They keep everything on their griddle vegan, but different toppings can be added including fried egg, paneer cheese and spiced chicken. Other specialities include a variety of curries, 'Short Eats' or Sri Lankan snacks, and Egg Hoppers, which are like savoury pancakes made with coconut milk and rice flour, with an egg poached in the middle and accompanied by homemade sambols or relishes.

Why not transport your guests to Sri Lanka for your wedding, party, conference or pretty much anything else by booking Sri-Licious to come and cater your event - see if they are available in a matter of minutes!

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Sri-Licious serve from a 6m x 3m Food Truck

Estimated set-up time is 2 hours