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London has been at the centre of a recent coffee revolution and The Coffee Shot want to be up there with the vanguard delivering to the public who they feel are being denied a ‘real coffee adventure’. With a plethora of high street outlets offering mediocre coffee often adulterated with vast quantities of milk and syrupy additives, many Londoners are being denied this experience!

The Coffee Shot puts coffee right out there in front, the star of the show. Working with artisan roasters Climpson & Sons their coffee is sourced directly from the most sustainable Estate in Brazil, roasted to perfection in East London and served with the care and attention to detail necessary for a perfect cup every time. We are proud to showcase their efforts and let the ‘Coffee’ do the talking.

The Coffee Shot’s coffee can still be enjoyed with milk and sugar if desired and customers will be savouring the fuller flavours, in the knowledge that they are making a positive impact on the lives of its producers. The Coffee Shot will ensure consistency and quality of their service to guarantee each visit is as memorable as the first, and that The Coffee Shot becomes synonymous with great tasting coffee, unique tasty bites and unrivalled customer service.

Add to this, the recent rise in popularity of street food markets across the capital, it’s not difficult to see that people want a genuine and personal experience that offers quality and value for money with a little bit of banter. The Coffee Shot do just that and you can book them for your event here on Feast It!

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