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About the company

Thunderbird is bringing the people of London fried chicken and wings, but not as you know it. They take traditional recipes, pick them apart ingredient by ingredient, make every element as good as it can be, and put it all back together.

They serve up delicious buns, wings and pieces of chicken with a whole load of mouthwateringly good sauces and sides, always using the freshest ingredients they can find. The ‘Thunderbun’ is not one to be missed: fried chicken, awesome sauce, iceberg lettuce and pickles - how could you turn that down?

If you would like to Thunderbird to serve your guests their outrageously good fried chicken at your next event, whether that’s an office party, wedding, birthday or anything else, book them here now!

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Other info from the supplier

Thunderbird serve from a 3 x 3m Market Stall

Estimated set-up time is 3 hours