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Wedding Catering

Whether your wedding is in a marquee, on a super yacht, at a hotel, or outdoors with a festival theme, you can easily compare and book our innovative mobile wedding caterers and pop-up bars for your special day.

Choose from these caterers and more

Wedding Catering That Makes You Go Wow!

We want to make sure your wedding guests are still talking about the big day 20 years from now and we truly believe we can make that happen! Unlike other wedding caterers who serve their set menus to each and every bride and groom, we offer something a whole lot more personal.

Choose from over 200 of the UK's best reviewed and awarded independent and street food caterers. These guys and gals spend their time travelling up and down the country cooking up a storm, and love the chance to make a wedding meal that is tweaked to your liking and a little bit different. Not only does their wedding food bring in the crowds, but so do their setups. Fancy having gourmet hot dogs and champagne served from Bubbledogs’ bright yellow french van? Easy. Authentic  tacos from Little Taquero’s award winning bright orange truck? Consider it done. Cider and Champagne from Cider Pig's charming Citroen HY Van? Drinks are on the house!

Once you tell us about your wedding, you’ll get a dedicated account manager, on hand at all times to make sure there are no nasty surprises on the day. They aren’t just smooth operators, each and every one of them is a foodie aficionado who loves to make sure the finishing touches to your wedding reception catering are handled seamlessly.


Delicious food

We’ve hand-picked the most exciting gourmet street food caterers, all bookable for your event


Super quick booking

A bespoke system to take out the hassle of lining up the perfect caterer, whatever the event

Hotdog says its okay!

Safe & Secure

We’ll be on hand to help at any step of the way with your booking and hold money securely until the day following the event

Down To Business

You’ve heard about the fantastic chefs we work with, but what if you want more than just a main? Don’t worry, we’re able to do all sorts. Here are just a few of the services we offer, but if you want something that’s not on the list, give us a buzz and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

Drinks Receptions

Once the vows have been made and you’re waiting for the reception to kick off, it’s a great time to crack out some drinks and nibbles. There are a number of high quality choices here, prosecco served out of the sidecar of a motorbike is a good place to start, or maybe champagne served from a lovingly restored three-wheeler Piaggio if you’re feeling adventurous? If that’s not quite your cup of tea, there’s always the option for dazzling cocktails from the back of an art-deco ambulance could bring it all together. Our favourite is the Flirt, a gin, lemon, rose lemonade and rosemary syrup concoction!


Getting ready, running up and down the aisle and chatting to all of your guests is hungry work and sometimes you just can’t wait for the main meal to come around. Canapés are a great idea to keep that hunger at bay for a couple of hours, or to soak up the drinks served on the lawn. Get inspired by the organic and artisanal selection that Rupert Street have on offer or ask us for details on the numerous other options available.

Main Meals

The main event, the one everyone has been waiting for, no pressure! Don’t worry, all the traders on Feast It go through a rigorous vetting process before joining, which should take a load off your shoulders.

The food possibilities really are endless here...whether you’re looking for the best Caribbean jerk chicken in town, crazily good Filipino BBQ or a traditional Hog Roast we can make it happen. The chefs will be more than happy to tweak and tinker their menus to your liking..there’s no ask too big or small. We’ve even seen a client providing their own pig for a hog roast, you can’t get much more local than that!

Despite using gourmet ingredients and serving from jaw dropping trucks, street food can be a great choice when looking for wedding catering on a budget. Just get in touch to hear our menu ideas and prices.


When it comes to Desserts, our traders have pulled out all the stops! We’ll let you decide which ones sound best, but we reckon the top contenders are a bourbon whisky ice cream sandwich between snickerdoodle cookies covered in salted caramel sauce, a lemon meringue waffle topped with homemade lemon curd, or churros made from organic flour and completely vegan ingredients served alongside a pot of melted Belgian chocolate sauce (not so vegan). Whatever you’re in the mood for, check out our delectable dessert vendors here.

Late Night Munchies

After the tables are cleared away, the dancing is in full swing and the drinks are flowing, your guest might need a little boost in the form of a bacon sandwich, halloumi fries or perhaps some tangy buffalo chicken wings.

Get a trader to rock up in one of their eye-catching vehicles and you’ll no doubt hear the excited whispers speeding through the crowds. Fuelled up on a late night treat, the guests will have no excuse not to party until the early hours! Get in touch with us for the full range of late night options.


  • Each caterers will bring everything they need to the venue. Their setup (usually a vehicle, a gazebo or a stall), their produce, their equipment and whatever container they’re serving the food out of. If you’d rather the food served off bone china plates, you’re probably going to have to provide them yourself, but just chat to the trader and they’ll let you know!

  • As you may have realised, we don’t do one size fits all wedding catering packages, so the answer can vary a lot. As a guideline though, you’d be looking to spend a minimum of £7 per head for a main. Having independent or street food caterers at your wedding is typically 75% cheaper than the average traditional caterer.

  • A large number of the traders we work with can set up indoors, just make sure to mention that you’d like the food served indoors when you submit the event details to us.

  • 100% yes! Whether you’ve got a sprawling lawn or are throwing your party in an abandoned car-park, our caterers will be happy to cook outdoors. The size of your outdoor space will dictate the type of setup they bring, but the most common setup is a 3m x 3m gazebo.

  • They sure can...most will be happy to work from a kitchen at your venue, but may need to check the equipment available before confirming whether they can or not. If you mention this in your booking request, we’ll find out what’s possible!

  • For now we predominantly serve the South of England, including London, Bristol, Bath, Bournemouth, Southampton, Portsmouth, Plymouth, Brighton, Cornwall and Devon. That being said, we’re constantly expanding and have connections to great caterers all around the country, so wherever you’re based we’ll likely be able to help you out.


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