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The 25 best looking mobile bars

If you want to book the finest mobile bars in the country for your wedding, party or corporate event, you've come to the right place. Here's the 25 biggest showstoppers.

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The Cotswold Bar Company

'Gumpy' the 1970’s baby blue Renault Estafette belongs to The Cotswold Bar Company, a full bar serving wine prosecco, spirits and a range of creative cocktails. We love their tropical 'Lycheetini'.

Cotswold Bar Replace

Hop Stuff Brewery

The ‘beermobile’ from Hop Stuff Brewery is an ex-MOD Land Rover Defender with eight taps fixed to the side, serving cold craft beers.

Hop Stuff Replace

Mini Bean Coffee

Mini Bean Coffee is a vintage red Mini Cooper with a full coffee machine in the boot, serving speciality grade, small batch coffee and homemade cakes.

Mini Bean Replace

The Lovely Bubbly Co

'Bubbly 1' is the adorable adapted Piaggio Apé prosecco van from The Lovely Bubbly Co, just perfect for weddings.

The Lovely Bubbly Replace

The Rum Runner

The Rum Runner is a vintage 1961 Tradewind Airstream trailer and an incredibly innovative cocktail bar, with a range of special creations as well as the option to make bespoke menus.

Rum Runner Replace

La Belle Vie Artisans

This rustic Citroen HY van from La Belle Vie Artisan is ideal for weddings, with its full bar and bunting and fairy light decorations.

La Belle Vie Replace

Bring Me Bubbles

Bring Me Bubbles is a mint-coloured 1969 Citroen H van complete with blossoming flower boxes, serving chilled prosecco, cocktails, premium lagers and more.

Bring Me Bubbles

Baron Hector de Branne

Baron Hector de Branne is both a Land Rover Defender and one of the most creative mobile cocktail bars available.

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The Vino Van

The Vino Van is a beautifully renovated horsebox bar. They also have The Gin Bar, stocking a range of premium gins including their house gin Warner Edwards, The Cocktail Bar, ideal for hen parties and birthday celebrations, and The Prosecco Bar, bringing the bubbles to any event!

The Vino Van

In Fine Spirits

In Fine Spirits is a retro 1968 turquoise and white VW Dub Box Camper, which opens right up at the top to reveal a full bar.

In Fine Spirits Replace


This mesmerising Indian-inspired converted MAN lorry serves draught and bottled Kingfisher Beer from a hatch in the side.

Kingfisher Replace

Beetle Juice

Beetle Juice has a fleet of 1970s VW vans that have been pimped out with LED lights and speakers to bring more to your event than just cocktails. This one is called 'Skyler'.

Skyler Replace

Jim & Tonic

'Genevieve and Juniper' are the fabulous vintage vans belonging to Jim & Tonic. Genevieve is a Peugeot J9 and Juniper is a Citroen HY, both serving artisanal g&ts and gin cocktails.


Cider Pig

Cider Pig is a red 1957 Citroen HY van with a retro light bulb 'Cider Pig' sign on the top, serving a full range of beer, cider, spirits and wine.

Cider Pig Replace

The Cocktail Car Company

This classic red VW Camper from The Cocktail Car Company opens at the top to reveal a full bar run by expert mixologists. It looks stunning at night, lit up by big retro bulbs.

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The Little Orange Van

The Little Orange Van is a bright and beautiful 1970 Citroen H Van which operates as either a juice, smoothie & shake bar or as an Aperol Spritz & prosecco bar, depending on what you’re after for your event!

The Little Orange Van

Posh Pitchers

Posh Pitchers is a converted red 1967 Citroen HY van serving Pimm’s and prosecco, perfect for a summer garden party!

Posh Pitchers Replace

Olive In A Bus

Olive In A Bus is a gin and olive bar masquerading as a beautiful vintage 1964 VW Splitscreen Camper.

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Bubble Bros

An awesome three-wheeled grey and gold Piaggio Apé, lovingly converted by Bubble Bros into a sparkling wine bar.

Bubble Bros Replace

Cabbi Coffee

Cabbi Coffee is a 1996 Fairway Black Cab serving fine Lavazza coffee from its open top.

Cabbi Coffee Replace

Fabulous Fizz Bar

The Fabulous Fizz Bar is an iconic vintage Citroen HY van that has been lovingly restored and converted into an ever so cool, mobile pop up bar.

The Fabulous Fizz Bar

Hotel Chocolat Chocmobile

Hotel Chocolat’s Chocmobile might be the best mobile chocolate van on the planet, with hot drinks, milkshakes, chocolate, ice cream, brownies and more served from its hatch.

Chocmobile Replace

The Ginistry

'Mathis' is the restored Citroen H Van from The Ginistry, serving handcrafted premium gin and tonics garnished with spices, fruits and herbs.

The Ginistry Replace


Christbel’s brings you 'Ruby', the stylish revamped 1980s ambulance, complete with a trellis of foliage and flowers, serving incredibly inventive cocktails.


Bar ML 2355

Bar ML 2355 is a classic Routemaster bus lovingly renovated to bring you a genuinely showstopping mobile bar.

Bar ML 2355

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