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Gluten Free

About Berenjak

Reinterpreting the classic hole in the wall eateries lining the streets of Tehran, Berenjak is London’s most renowned, contemporary and delicious Persian restaurant. Named after after the handfuls of brightly coloured, toasted rice eaten as…

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Amazing flavours!

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Berenjak are so unique and their new bazaar means you can get all of their signature dishes from the comfort of your own home

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Kabab Kit

2 Lamb Koobideh Kabab, 2 Chicken Jujeh Kabab, 4 Bespoke Metal skewers, Tomatoes for grilling, Mast-o-masir, Onions to prepare a salad with somagh, parsley and lemon, Clay-baked Lavash Bread

Mazeh Box

Kashk e Bademjoon (Coal cooked aubergine, whey, walnuts, dried mint and onions), Mast O Khiar (Natural yoghurt, cucumber, mint and green raisins), Hummus (Black chickpeas, tahini, walnuts and somagh), Black Truffle Olivieh (Corn fed chicken mayo salad with potato, egg, salted cucumbers and black truffle), Sangak Bread

Kabab e Tond Kit

2 Lamb Barreh Kabab, 2 Chicken Jujeh Kabab Tond, 5 Bespoke metal skewers, Tomatoes for grilling, Mast-o-musir, Onions to prepare a salad with somagh, parsley and lemon, Clay-baked Lavash bread

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Delivery available Wednesday and Friday Nationwide delivery across England and Wales