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Cally Munchy

Afro Asian Fusion





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About Cally Munchy

Cally Munchy is an Afro fusion catering service that uses food to bring people of different cultures together. They have taken time-honoured, traditional recipes and added a daring dash of creativity to deliver the most exciting dishes…


Truly unique flavours.

Why we love this supplier

Cally Munchy has taken truly unique flavours from around the world and combined them to create their original fusion recipes. This means eating Cally Munchy's food will definitely be unlike anything else you've ever had.

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Sample Menu

  • Cally Munchy Rice Bowl

    Jollof ‘n' peas, coconut fried rice and your choice of protein and toppings.

  • African Burger (Chicken or Moimoi - Nigerian Bean Cake)

    Agege bun (baked with touch of mango puree and coconut), Nyiragongo (smokey tomato and bell pepper sauce concentrated to replicate the larva from Mount Nyiragongo), lettuce, Siracha mayo, and jalepeno.

  • African Power Salad

    Roasted courgettes, kelewele, grilled aubergine, lettuce, sweet potato and your choice of protein and toppings.

  • Proteins

    Cally chicken (Bengali and Nigerian spices blended and marinated with a homemade shi-tuan sauce). Suya steak (Scottish bavette seasoned with West Africa suya spice). Culliflower (grilled cauliflower with special Cally Munchy seasoning blend and a drizzle of a shi-tuan sauce).

  • Toppings

    Nyiragongo (smokey tomato and bell pepper sauce concentrated to replicate the larva from Mount Nyiragongo). Red onion . Seasonal veg.

  • Extras

    Kelewele (Ghanaian seasoned plantain)

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    5 hours

Other info from the supplier

Cally Munchy serve from a 3m x 3m market stall.

Estimated set up time 1 hour.