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About ChilliDogs

ChilliDogs bring you their one of a kind, high welfare, clean label (preservative free) Hot dogs, Chillidogs and loaded nachos, garaunteed to give your event the WOW factor!

Their award-winning hot dogs are the real deal, nitrite free and…

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Chilli Cheese Dog

Their signature nitrite-free pork dog in a Natural Bread brioche bun topped with grass-fed beef chilli and turmeric cheese fondue with a choice of toppings including ’slaw, crispy fried onions & jalapeños.

Classic Dog

Nitrite-free pork dog in a Natural Bread brioche bun with a choice of sauces and toppings including crispy onions & crunchy house 'slaw (great for kids!)

Black Bean Nachos

Smoky black bean chilli, 100% corn totopos, cheese fondue & mixed pickled jalapeños. (gluten-free, veggie)

The Smoky Joe

Their signature high-welfare nitrite free pork dog in a Natural Bread brioche roll topped with crispy bacon, fried onions, 'slaw & ChilliDogs' chipotle & maple ketchup.

The Vegan Chilli Dog

Beechwood smoked seitan dog in a Natural Bread vrioche roll topped with smoky black bean chilli & a choice of crispy onions, slaw & jalapeños. (vegan)

The Breafast Dog

Start your day right with a gourmet pork dog in a brioche bun topped with creamy scrambled egg, crispy bacon, chives and ChilliDogs' chipotle & maple ketchup. Veggie alt available.

Gourmet Beef Burger

Grass-fed premium beef burger in a Natural Bread™ artisan brioche bun with American cheese, salad & ChilliDogs' burger sauce. (pic. is of their double patty whopper!)

BBQ Pulled Pork Burger

14-hour cherrywood smoked pulled pork shoulder with house slaw and Swiss cheese in a Natural Bread™ artisan brioche bun

Beetroot, Quinoa & Red Pepper Burger

Vegan patty coated in crispy panko breadcrumbs in an artisan bun with mature ‘cheeze’, salad & ChilliDogs’ burger sauce (vegan)


Crispy skin-on fries

Skin-on Fries

Add a side of our moreish skin-on fries, fried to perfection!

Loaded Fries

Our skin-on fries loaded with grass-fed beef chilli, turmeric cheese fondue, crispy onions and jalapenos. Add as a side dish or go large as a main. Veggie alternative available

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