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Plant the Seed

big fat vegan sarnies


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About Plant the Seed

We are Plant the Seed - we make incredible vegan food, not just for vegans!

We started as a sandwich delivery service, bringing joy to our neighbours by bikes during the first lockdown, and we got such an overwhelmingly good response that…

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The Sausage + Cheddar

Vegan sausage, vegan cheddar, homemade chilli + tomato relish, fresh spinach + red onion on sourdough

The Buffalo Chickpea

Buffalo-style chickpeas with fresh herb ranch dressing, cheese + greens

The Chicken + Pesto

Shredded chicken with walnut + basil pesto, sundried tomatoes, vegan mozzarella + greens

The Avenue

our pastrami-spice rubbed tofu, creamy coleslaw, vegan cheese, sweet pickle slices, spinach, zingy russian dressing

The Mac + Cheese

Our creamy vegan Mac + Cheese grilled with extra vegan cheddar and greens in sourdough

The Shawarma

Shawarma-spiced mushrooms with our garlicky creamy tzatziki, pink pickled onions and greens grilled to melty perfection with vegan cheese on soft pillowy sourdough.

Ch-una Melt

Smashed chickpeas “tuna-mayo-style” with sweetcorn, red onion, nori, fresh dill, pickles, grilled with vegan cheddar on sourdough

The BBQ Shrooms

Meaty oyster, portobello + shiitake shrooms in a sweet + smoky bbq sauce, with a creamy cabbage-kale-pickle slaw, grilled with vegan cheese on sourdough!

The Kimchi-Cauli

Korean-style roasted cauliflower with our homemade kimchi, mayo, cheese + greens, grilled on sourdough

Our Famous Fried Egg Bap

Our famous crispy vegan fried egg with our secret recipe runny yolk, bacon or sausage or both, crispy hash brown, tomato-onion relish, all piled into a soft bap

Eggs Benedict

Tofu egg patty with runny yolk, Hollandaise sauce, bacon, tomato, wilted spinach on a sourdough muffin

French Toast/Bites

Cinnamon sourdough french toast served as a whole slice or as bites - with maple syrup, vegan whipped cream, blueberries and shaved dark chocolate

Scamble and Salmon

Vegan scramble with smoked salmon carrot, and avocado on sourdough toast

Breakfast in Bread

Sausage, cheddar, vegan scramble, runny yolk sauce, tomato-onion relish, grilled on sourdough

The Club Sandwich

Homemade deli “meat” slices, homemade sticky smoky aubergine “bacon”, fresh herb mayo, tomato and lettuce all in soft freshly baked sourdough bread

The Ch-una

Smashed chickpeas “tuna-mayo-style” with sweetcorn, red onion, nori, fresh dill, cucumber slices and fresh lettuce on freshly baked sourdough

Our Famous MLT

Our signature smoky-maple marinated mushrooms with tomato slices, lettuce and vegan mayo on freshly baked sourdough

The Lox

Our homemade not-salmon smoked carrot and homemade fresh herb and garlic cream cheese on sourdough

The Sweet Bean

Spiced sweet potato with creamy black bean hummus, charred sweetcorn salsa, pink pickled onions and radishes, vegan mayo and crisp lettuce on freshly baked sourdough

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