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The Crepe Stop

Galettes and Crêpes





Gluten Free


About The Crepe Stop

Based in Watford and run by the brilliant Karim, The Crepe Stop are devoted to creating the ultimate crepe experience for life’s celebrations. Their delicious specialty crepes are made with a secret recipe that has been closely guarded sinc…

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The Classic Galette

Ham & cheese Savoury crepe made with buckwheat flour

Biscoff Pancake

Lotus Biscoff crumble and salted cremel crepe

The Veggies Galette

French Mushrooms, Spinach & cheese savoury crepe made with buckwheat flour

Brownies crepe.

crepe topped with three chocolate brownies and drizzled with milk chocolate.

The pizza one

Savoury Crêpe cooked on 240 degrees hot plate filled with pepperoni, cheese, oregano and Italian tomato sauce

The banoffee one

Crepe filled with sliced bananas, dark chocolate, homemade salted caramel & cream

Kinder buino crêpe

Crepe filled with 2 bars kinder buino & drizzled with the finest white chocolate.

Strawberries and cream crepe

Crepe topped with frech cut strawberries, nutella, cream and sprinkled with Luxury Belgian chocolate drops(whaite and milk).

Oreo crepe

crepe filled with Oreo cookie crumbles and Belgian chocolate.

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Other info from the supplier

FAQ's: HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE EACH CRÊPE TO COOK? We average a 3 sweet crepes per minute. CAN PEOPLE EAT IN OR TAKE A WAY? Yes, of course, each guest will order their Crêpes from the comptoir and then they will wait until it is ready(people like to watch the crepes being made). HOW MANY CREPES CAN EACH OF MY GUESTS HAVE? During the time we are serving, your guests can enjoy as many crêpes as they’d like. WHAT IF THERE ARE MORE GUESTS PRESENT ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT THAN I BOOKED FOR? WILL I BE CHARGED MORE? You will not be charged more if there are more guests present than what we are booked for, however we cannot guarantee that we will have enough food. This is why it is very important that you provide us with your most accurate estimated guest count. WHAT DO I NEED TO PROVIDE FOR THE CHEF AND MY GUESTS? We provide everything necessary to prepare and serve the crêpes, including disposable plates, wooden cutlery and napkins. We recommend having a trash can available for your guests to dispose of their used plates, utensils, and napkins. WHAT DO YOU SERVE YOUR CREPE IN? Depending on your menu choice, either recycled paper plates, crepe cones or take a way boxes if the crepes will be delivered to the indoor offices or productions studios . CAN I PROVIDE ADDITIONAL CRÊPE FILLINGS FOR YOUR CHEF? You may not provide additional crêpe fillings to the chef. Because we are a licensed and insured , all food that we serve must be provided by us. If you would like additional fillings provided, please let us know and we will provide you with a quote for the additional fillings. DO YOU REQUIRE ELECTRIC OR WATER? No we are self sufficient. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE YOU TO SET UP? We like to arrive 1 hour prior to the event time. HOW BIG ARE YOUR CREPE?  We cooke our crepes in 40cm second crepe machine. CAN YOU CATER FOR ALL DIETARY REQUIREMENTS?  Yes but you will have to let us know one day before your event (We cooke them in separate griddles) CAN I DECIDE ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT TO KEEP THE CHEF SERVING LONGER? Your chef may or may not be able to stay longer at your event, depending on our event schedule for the rest of the day. If you would like your chef to stay longer, be sure to ask him at least 20 minutes prior to your originally scheduled end of service time. Additional time will be charged at a rate of £90 per hour (can be broken into half hours). HOW BIG IS THE TRAILER OR CREPE STALL ?  horsebox trailer size: Height - 3.4m Length - 5.5m Width - 2.2m Crepe stall sizes: ranging from 2m to 6m  Please check there are no height restriction at your venue as well as any roads leading to, also checking there is adequate width and turning circle.