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About the company

The brilliant Chubby Dumpling is brought to you by father and daughter duo Joe and Chantel. This dynamic duo serve up hand made dumplings using original recipes passed all the way down their family tree for generations and they'd love to serve them up at your event!

Head chef Joe ran his own restaurant for 31 years and has been making dumplings since he was a kid running around the streets of Hong Kong and daughter Chantel decided it was about time to take Dad's recipes to the road and thus the Chubby Dumpling truck was born.

Their delicious food is served out of their stunning black 1992 fire engine in London and have served at numerous prestigious events, including Gala Festival, a pop-up at Gipsy Hill brewery and an event with Asahi.

They offer classic pork and onion, chicken and shiitake mushroom and vegan jackfruit and the dumplings are steamed, fried and served on a bed of fresh noodles dressed in a peanut-sesame sauce, topped with fresh chillies, spring onion, coriander and black and white sesame seeds. To accompany the dish they have home-made chilli oil and a chilli sauce (both made by Mum!).

Chubby Dumpling are available for all kinds of events from pop-ups and festivals to weddings and birthdays - they can't wait to introduce more people to Dads dumplings so book them for your event here on Feast It!

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Chubby Dumpling serve from a 2m x 5m food truck

Estimated set-up time is 1 hour