The Sussex Sausage BBQ Swing Grill

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Available options: Vegetarian, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, Nut Free

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Real BBQ flavour! The Sussex Sausage BBQ Swing Grill can cater for all your BBQ needs, whether it's Smokey Cherrywood Beef Brisket, Fire roasted Lamb Legs smothered in their Rosemary and Garlic rub, Peri-Peri whole Chickens or classic English sausages and burgers, they have you covered! All aspects of BBQ are taken on!

Cooked on their Swinging Grill, not only does it look incredible, its winch mechanism makes for a great slow cook ensuring your food is delicately cooked to perfection for that authentic BBQ flavour. They can also serve an impressive 150 portions an hour from their great-looking set-up.

They offer choices of not only meat but fish and shellfish as well as vegetarian options that can either be served formally by staff or informally on stations where guests can come up and choose their meal themselves. Choose your meal your way by selecting what meat, fish or vegetarian options you would like, then on top of this, you can choose from their delicious salads and freshly made bread to complete the dish.

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  • Vegetarian 
  • Dairy Free 
  • Gluten Free 
  • Vegan 
  • Nut Free 

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The Sussex Sausage BBQ Swing Grill serve from a 3m x 3m market stall Estimated set-up time is 4 hours